6 Awesome Tiny Appliances For Tiny Spaces

Photo courtesy of Tammy Strobel via Flickr

As the population gets bigger and families get smaller, tiny houses and tiny apartments — along with the tiny appliances crafted for them — have been popping up like daisies.

[contextly_auto_sidebar id=”eiL2wN3AaXB5lnOWZsSa7awkJ6F8uE9w”]Inventors have gotten exceedingly creative in making small homes livable by designing space saving appliances just for them.

The ingenuity and minimalistic nature of tiny appliances are great for anyone living small or looking to maximize their surface area, however big or small it may be.

Here are some of the best and most adorable tiny appliances we’ve seen.

The micro microwave

Regular sized microwaves can be burdensome, taking up ordinary counter space that might be better utilized for elbow room or a decorative plant.

There are various brands that offer tiny, tabletop microwaves, the smallest of which is Whirlpool WMC20005YB 0.5 — the name of which is probably longer than the 13 x 14 x 15” appliance itself.

The dainty dishwasher

It’s an unfortunate albeit first-world problem that many apartments don’t have enough kitchen space for dishwashers.

But who needs space when you have a petite and portable dishwasher? Of the several brands available, we like the 18” Sunpentown SD, which can be wheeled around blithely without taking up counter space.

The little laundry machine

Clean laundry is important, and for someone living small, having to carry (and pay for) loads to the nearest dry cleaner is a unique type of pain.

Add this tiny appliance into the equation and all of that hassle is saved. The Edgepoint 2.0 is a 33 x 23 x 23” unit that combines washing and drying efforts into one versatile and space-saving combination.

The humble heater

For a space, large or small, to be cozy, warmth is first on the agenda. If heat is included in your home already, that’s excellent (unless you can only control it by opening and closing your window).

For those that want to add a little warmth and ambience to their homes, space-saving wood burners are a very cute and aesthetically pleasing option. Case and point, this tiny wood burning stove, called the Napoleon 2100, is shorter than its namesake, taking up just one cubic foot.

(Below is a larger version of the tinier Napoleon model).

The compact keg

Even if you can’t fit too much company in your small space, this tiny appliance proves you can fit plenty of beer — whether for you and your closest pals, or you alone (we don’t judge).

The Deluxe Mini Kegorator and Conversion Kit, from Edgestar, is a tiny yet advanced beer dispensing kit that stands at only 15” tall, and pairs well with a 5 liter mini-keg.

The tiny toilet

Though built in toilets in most cases preferable, for small homes on wheels or for travelers, mobile bathroom solutions are a blessing.

Enter the amazing DryFlush, a compact and waterless toilet that flushes via a chargeable battery, and shrink wraps waste for a completely modest and odor-free disposal.

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