Here Are 12 Important Things That Will Happen In 2015

Eager to see what 2015 will hold? Here are 12 things for you to look out for.

1. The Eurasian Union will be formed

things that will happen in 2015

The Eurasian Union, which was proposed in 2011, is set for establishment in 2015 and will consist of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia. The partnership will encompass 171 million people and a GDP of $3 trillion.

  1. The Hadron Collider is set to reach maximum speed

things that will happen in 2015

photo by Image Editor via flickr

The world’s largest particle accelerator, which was set to unlock some of the biggest mysteries of our universe, is set to reach its maximum speed in 2015.

Scientists hope that it will provide unprecedented insight into the creation of our universe by smashing together subatomic particles and mimicking the conditions during the universe’s inception.

  1. The world’s first zero-carbon and zero-waste city will be partially completed

things that will happen in 2015

photo by arwcheek via flickr

The first wave of Masdar City in Abu-Dhabi–a project that will cost $22 billion–will be completed in 2015.

This eco-friendly city will use a host of sustainable energy sources which include solar, wind, geothermal, and hydrogen power and will initially house 7,000 people.

The project is set to be complete in 2025 and will eventually be home to 50,000 residents.

  1. The world’s first self-sustaining artificial heart will be available to the public

things that will happen in 2015

photo by Rick Proser via wikimedia commons

In 2013 the world’s first self-regulating artificial heart was implanted successfully into a patient in Paris. The robotic heart is capable of monitoring blood-flow and adjusting pulse rate in real time.

By 2015 such hearts will be available through through European Union for about $200,000 USD.

  1. 10 nanometer microchips will become commercially available

things that will happen in 2015

photo by Uwe Herman via flickr

Though Moore’s Law may be hitting a wall with the limits of thermodynamics, Intel is set to release their new 10 nanometer chips which will make capable 10 billion transistors in a single chip.

  1. Biometric security will become ubiquitous for everyday tasks like online banking

things that will happen in 2015

photo by Toskiyuki IMAI via flickr

Advanced portable fingerprint technology like finger vein identification which analyzes a user’s blood and finger vein pattern will be available for online banking and other commercial activities.

  1. The Carteret Islands will be abandoned

things that will happen in 2015

photo from wikimedia commons

Because of rising sea levels, The Carteret Islands in Papua New Guinea will have to be completely abandoned, creating some of the world’s first climate change refugees.

  1. The first advertisement on the moon’s lunar surface


photo by Ben Dalton via flickr

In 2015 a can of the popular asian softdrink Pocari Sweat will be delivered to the moon’s surface as a part of a major publicity stunt.

Using titanium as opposed to aluminum and powder as opposed to liquid, both the can and the contents will be space-ready.

  1. Electric car ownership will reach 1 million

things that will happen in 2015

photo by Andrew Nash via flickr

If trends continue electric car ownership should reach 1 million by the end of 2015. The commercialization of Tesla Motor’s new moderately priced electric vehicle could help ensure such projections come true.

10. Queen Elizabeth II becomes Britain’s longest reigning monarch

things that will happen in 2015

photo by Michael Garnett via flickr

In September, Queen Elizabeth II will have reigned for 63 years, surpassing her great, great, grandmother Victoria. Currently Queen Elizabeth is 89-years-old.

11. Archival disks will succeed blu-ray as the most advanced disc format

things that will happen in 2015

photo from wikimedia commons 

A new optical disc format which Sony and Panasonic have dubbed the “Archival Disc”, is set to be introduced in 2015. This new format will be capable of holding 300GB as opposed to the current dual-layer Blu-Ray which holds only 50.

12. The first ever solar-power aircraft to circumnavigate the globe

things that will happen in 2015

photo by Ed Mullin via flickr

Flying the Solar Impulse–the world’s first entirely solar-powered plane–pilots Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg will circumnavigate the globe, making them the first pilots and solar-powered plane ever to do so.

The Solar Impulse has already set precedents which include the first solar plane to ever fly through the night and across the United States.

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