Peaceful uses of drones.

3 Creative, Peaceful Uses Of Drones

From top left clockwise, images courtesy of Don Villafuerte, ReefRescue, and UNSW Mechatronics via YouTube. 

They aren’t always silent killers – there are many peaceful uses of drones already taking place among civilians.

Here are three examples of peaceful uses of drones:

1. Agriculture

Ironically, the military would probably call this a “force multiplier.” By using a driverless, automated tractor, farmers can double the productivity of a single worker.

2. Selfies

Of course, 2013’s “word of the year” makes an appearance. No comment needed, really:

3. Environmental protection

The cheap, easily-managed aviation afforded by drones allow much more effective environmental monitoring. ReefRescue, for instance, are using unmanned aerial vehicles to collect water samples to analyze the health of a beach in Palm Springs:

Ole Skaar