5 Awesome Digital Gifting Apps To Turn Your Phone Into A Mall

Photo courtesy of Jhayme Sisvi via Flickr.

With digital gifting, you can ditch the postcards, stamps and wrapping paper for something much more practical: your phone.  

Are you still catching yourself frantic on your mother’s birthday looking for a Bed Bath & Beyond, or spending an arm and a leg to overnight a gift out of state? It may be you’ve overlooked the possibilities waiting to be accessed inside that mobile device of yours.

Here are some apps that you should know about to digi-gift to the best possible end:


This gift-giving startup’s shtick is its signature methodology that allows for users to give a thoughtful gift, while allowing the receiver the option of customizing color and size, or even swapping for another item. Users need only locate the item they want to buy in store and scan the bar code — the “giftee” can redeem it either in store or online.

According to Tech Crunch, the app is meant to evoke the feeling of thoughtful gift-giving, and works with over 25 retailers.

Download the app here.


This online gifting service allows users to give gifts from featured local businesses to friends via mobile app. For example, a manicure from a local nail salon, or lunch at a local cafe.

According to, Yiftee currently has 2 million local restaurants and shops listed, making it easy for mobile customers to patronize the businesses in their neighborhood – good for the businesses, and convenient for gift receivers.

Download the app here.


Wrapp, which reached 1 million users after only 14 months, according to the RGCA (Retail Gift Card Association) may just be the most successful digital gifting platform thus far. Why? Because people love free stuff, and free stuff is exactly what Wrapp delivers.

Offering not only the ability to send gifts to friends, but sponsored freebies for the individual users (as targeted and funded by retailers), it almost seems too good to be true. It’s no wonder it’s growing so fast.

Download the app here.


Where other gifting applications are creating innovative ways to gift via mobile, Gyft sets itself apart by simply taking the already existing $100 billion market for physical gift cards and moving it to the phone.

According to the Arizona Technology Investor Forum, users can purchase, store, and share mobile gift cards; in effect the application is a gift card mall for all. Gyft even allows purchases, as of recently, by bitcoin (which you can learn more about here on Curiousmatic.)

Download the app here.


Giftly differentiates from other gifting sites in that the retailers are not involved in the transaction, meaning there are no limits to where it can be used, and the gift giver can cater specifically or generally to the experience they want to give.

Giftly gifts can only be redeemed when the receiver checks into Giftly at the specified location, tells us, after which the purchase amount can be sent to the recipient’s credit card of choice. Giftly gift cards can be spent anywhere, and the interface includes a lot of fun options for suggestions and personalized messages.

Download the app here.

And wait, there’s more!

While the apps above are perhaps most notable currently, there are numerable other digital gifting applications to choose from, including GiftRocket, CashStar, Giftwrapp, Karma (which was acquired by Facebook) and of course, Groupon.

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