mysterious satellite images

4 Mysterious Satellite Images To Feed Your Inner Conspiracy Theorist

Mysterious satellite images have been uncovered by countless armchair analysts and provided ample fodder for conspiracy theories.

Here are 4 strange images captured by satellites and found by enthusiasts:

1. Mysterious satellite images in the Gobi desert

Coordinates: 40.452107,93.742118

mysterious satellite imagesPhoto courtesy of Google Maps.

In the middle of China’s Gobi desert, hundreds of miles from civilization, keen eyes spotted a satellite image of strange zig-zag pattern measuring 1.15 by 0.65 miles wide.

There’s been no official explanation, but the prevailing theory is that the pattern is either a structure or simply paint used to calibrate spy satellites.

2. Strange geometry in Saharan Algeria
Coordinates: 28.1747414,0.3985108,5699

mysterious satellite imagesPhoto courtesy of Google Maps.

Pointed out by a Reddit user, this repeating geometric pattern in the Saharan part of Algeria covers an area of approximately 20 square miles.

The pattern can be found about 30 miles from Sebaa, a small desert commune along the N6 national highway. It’s also about 150 miles from the Reggane District, where the French military conducted four nuclear tests in the early ‘60s.

Of course, it could just be an image glitch; but it also shows up on Nokia’s maps service.

3. Massive Chinese artillery in Gobi
Coordinates: not shared by the publication that took the image.

mysterious satellite images

Photo courtesy of Jane’s.

Also in the Gobi desert, this image reveals what appears to be a 110-foot long artillery cannon.

There’s been no official explanation for these mysterious satellite images, either, but one analyst pointed out that China has long had an interest in developing superguns theoretically capable of targeting satellites (although ballistic missiles now seem to have taken over that role, worrying the U.S. military space command).

Alternatively, it could be a test for a railgun.

4. Ancient airstrips in Peru
Coordinates: 14 31’26.91″S 75 11’58.93″W

mysterious satellite imagesPhoto courtesy of Google Maps.

A favorite among “ancient aliens” conspiracy theories, these mysterious satellite images  images show humanoid and animal motifs, as well as long, straight lines, in the mountainous Nazca region of Peru.

The motifs have proven to be created by humans, most likely as art,  sometime between 400 and 650 AD. However, countless conspiracy theories have claimed that the straight lines are actually airstrips for aliens who visited humanity in ancient times.


Ole Skaar