5 Functional And Beautiful Food Packaging Designs

Food packaging as we know it can be inconvenient, cumbersome, and bland. But some stores are utilizing smart packaging design that make enjoying food products easy and fun.

Here are 5 examples of real, innovative, beautifully designed food packaging we love.

The Falafel Handbag

Falafel wrapper packaging

NYC-based Mediterranean restaurant Crisp offers its all-vegetarian falafel pita sandwiches in what they call the Falafel “handbag,” which zips open for portable mess-free consumption. Crisp has three locations in New York and one in Philadelphia.


The Oven Box


For an easy-delivery box reminisce of both a pizza box and an oven, Thelma’s Treats in Des Moines, IA lets customers open a cardboard oven door to slide their cookies out of Grandma’s oven, into their mouths.


The Spaghetti Cone

Screenshot 2015-08-14 at 10.29.14 AM

There’s few foods that inspire graceless eating like spaghetti. In the 1950s pasta in a cone was an Italian carnival custom, which has resurfaced as NYC restaurant Spaghetti Incident’s innovative go-cones.

Edible Orbs


Food packaging can be wasteful and harmful to the environment — unless, of course, you can eat it too. WikiPearl offers unique, bite-size crafted food and (frozen) beverages with natural, edible skins that protect the food and taste good too.


Origami Blooms

Image from
Guactruck, a design-focused food truck in the Philippines, boasts origami box packaging that is both beautiful and sustainable. It blooms open into a plate for eaters, is biodegradable, and can be returned to the truck for an eventual free meal.


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