5 Clever And Elegant Energy-Efficient Designs

Energy use can sometimes be wasteful, costly, and bad for the environment. But when people think outside the box and produce new, smart and innovative designs, power can be a lot more efficient all around.

Here are 5 examples of energy-efficient designs that save either money, reliance on fossil fuel, or both.

The Solar Station


CityCharge, a product developed jointly by Bryant Park Corporation, Green Barrel Energy Inc, and NYC solar company Landscapeforms, harnesses the power of the sun in the form of solar charging stations, where anyone can sit and charge their devices.

The Gravity Light

Solar energy is great, but what if you’ve got no light or batteries (like many people in developing nations)? The Gravity Light is a design that uses the slow descent of a weighted bag to generate bright light for 20 minutes at a time. 


Liquid-Powered Time Piece

Sun and gravity are just two types of green power — a third is water. One example is the Bedol Eco-Friendly Water Clock, a design that uses water and lemon juice to spark a reaction that powers an alarm clock (or watch) for months at a time. 

The Power Aware Cord


If your energy can’t be sustainable, an eco-friendly solution is to just use less of it. This can be hard without a visual representation, so the Power Aware Cord, a design that glows with your energy use, lights up and blinks when it’s overloaded so you can shut off the flow. 

The River Gym


As a bonus, here’s a design concept that has yet to reach production, but would be amazing if it did: the River Gym (by Terreform), a floating gym powered by exercising humans. 
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