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5 Real Diamond Heists That Would Make James Bond Proud

In London, thieves used an Easter holiday weekend to tunnel into a diamond vault, netting $300 million in gems – making it the biggest diamond heist ever. It’s a throwback to James Bond, as clever thieves make spectacular heists, including:

  • The Antwerp Diamond Heist of 2003: a $100M weekend vault break-in by a small team who planned the robbery years in advance and stole the security camera footage during the heist.
  • The Schiphol Airport Heist of 2005: $118M heist by two workers dressed in KLM uniforms. The robbers penetrated airport security by driving in-and-out in a van they later burned.
  • Harry Winston Paris Heist of 2008: Three well-dressed women reveal themselves as men as they steal $100M in jewelry and watches. Two years later, police found some of the gems in a drainpipe.
  • The Graff Diamond Theft of 2009: A $65M robbery by two men wearing makeup and prosthetics applied by an unwitting make-up artist. Police later discovered the robber’s identities using a cellphone the thieves accidentally left behind.
  • The Cannes Heist of 2013: The massive $136 million theft committed by a lone gunman in less than 120 seconds. The Cannes hotel from which the jewels were stolen was the scene of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1955 film, To Catch A Thief.

In 2015, a  crew of thieves in London used the long, four day Easter holiday weekend to dig through walls, rappel down shafts and break into safe deposit boxes at Hatton Gardens,  a famous vault in London’s diamond district. The thieves reportedly got away with $300 million in diamonds and other gems.

Most big diamond heists go unsolved for years, with authorities speculating that they are the work of highly sophisticated global organized crime groups.

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