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5 Reasons You’ll Love Live Streaming On Your Smartphone

Live streaming is a crazy-cool way to tap into what others are up to and broadcast your own antics. It’s fun, easy and can be compellingly intimate. Here are 5 reasons you should try it:

1. Live streaming makes everyone a broadcaster, just like blogs made everyone a publisher

2. It’s amazingly fun to drop in on people’s broadcasts across the globe and watch what’s going on

3. All you need is a smartphone and a good live streaming app (read more below)

4. Live streaming can create an unusual sense of intimacy that is refreshing and engaging

 5. If you broadcast live-streams yourself, you can have them disappear after 24 hours or save them to Youtube (read how below)

Live streaming lets you watch or broadcast things on a global basis. The rise of mobile live streaming is revolutionary because it opens up broadcasting, taking it out of the hands of big corporations and giving it to everyday people instead.

Live Streaming Cheat Sheet And Tips

Here at Curiousmatic we’ve been testing live streaming, and we’ve developed a cheat sheet to help you out.

Note: We use and recommend the Periscope live streaming app which is owned by Twitter. It’s simple, free and easy to use. Some folks like Meerkat too.

When using Periscope:

  • Live streams (aka scopes) show up in a feed
  • You can follow streams so that when a new broadcast starts you’ll get a text alert
  • When watching a stream you can show approval by tapping on the screen, which delivers a “heart” — similar to a Facebook “like”
  • With Periscope, searching for streams using keywords is a bit difficult. You can use third party solutions such as to solve this, which enables you to find streams by topic, location, etc.
  • Live streams can be replayed for only 24 hours, after which they disappear. However, broadcasters can save their work to YouTube or via other means using a third party solution like the one from Katch.
  • “Scope mobs” happen when lots of people join in. We’ve seen many hundreds of viewers swarm into particularly popular scopes.
  • Viewers can communicate with broadcasters in the Periscope app to ask questions, make observations, etc. Viewers see the comments of their peers during broadcasts, which can influence discussion and augment feedback

Curiousmatic’s Live Stream On Periscope

We love the interactive aspects of live streaming, especially during our live streams from NYC on Periscope each week. We keep our scopes light and breezy, focusing on a few top news stories, some of the things we’re working on, cool product reviews, etc. If you follow us on Periscope or on Twitter you’ll always know when we’re broadcasting.

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