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5 Smartphones of The Future That Will Completely Blow Your Mind

Smartphone technology is advancing so fast that it’s hard to keep up with developments. We highlight some here:

1. Left-Handed Smartphones and Apps

Due in stores soon, lefties will get left-side control buttons on their smartphones, plus a southpaw app that turns right-handed apps into left-handed ones.

2.  3D Printing 

Need a new smartphone? With the upcoming crowdfunded Plastic.io smartphone, you can simply download your customized blueprint and take it to your local 3D printing service for manufacturing.

3.  Android Auto

Google’s self-driving cars are not quite here yet. But with the new Android Auto, which works with every Bluetooth-enabled vehicle, you can forget about the steering wheel and instead use the built-in Auto app to control your car.

4.  Luxury Smartphone 

Fashion startup “Slaughterphone” will let you select your choice of 50 + animal skins, bones, and furs to custom-make a luxury phone case. The interactive website will even take you through the manufacturing process, from the jungle origin of your tiger-stripe choice all the way to the hand-stitching of the quality case.

5.  Piercables

Predicted to launch by early 2016, “pierceable” smartphone sensors are equipped with a high res camera, microphone, and even state of the art VR technology so those with pierced noses and tongues can share scents and tastes on command. The best part? It can go anywhere on your body – belly button, nipple, lip, you name it.

April 1,  2014