Customer Aha!

5 Ways Marketers Can Deliver More Aha! To Customers

Sponsored by the Brand Labs at Curiousmatic

On a typical day, 21% of consumers search for product or service information online (Pew). 

People are constantly hunting for trusted understanding – more aha!- about how to use products and services to get important things done. Here are 5 ways that smart marketers can give curious customers the understanding they need.

  1. Deliver content that provides trusted, objective, meaningful understanding about how to get the most out of a product or service.
  2. Map out the understanding needs that customers experience about your products and services. The map should encompass user contexts (in-store, at home, first-time user, expert users, refresh, etc.) and reflect the entire lifecycle of the user journey.
  3. Measure the understanding gaps that customers have, chart the gaps (on the map), then target content to the gaps. Build metrics into the new content so that gap closure can be measured over time and can be constantly improved.GapMapaa
  4. Manage customer understanding like a strategic asset, with the objective of optimizing user outcomes. Engineer understanding experiences so that they can be mapped, measured and constantly improved.
  5. Use a model or framework that helps systematize understanding delivery to customers across the enterprise, so that customer’s needs come first.

As smart marketers look for better ways to reach curious customers, delivering deeper understanding can become a core business activity that builds trusted, durable, engaging relationships.

Sponsored by the Brand Labs at Curiousmatic

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