6 Crazy Videos Of People Doing Dangerous Things Just To Prove They Can

We should all thank the people in these crazy videos for risking their lives to provide us with quality Internet entertainment.

Disclaimer: not that we think you would, but Curiousmatic obviously doesn’t recommend that you do any of this at home. Anyway, enjoy our list of 6 videos of people doing dangerous things just to prove that they can:

1. Surfing subway cars in Moscow
Best part: exiting the tunnel at 1:31

Who needs to pay for a ride?

2. Challenging the limits of the human gastrointestinal system
Best part: mouthful at 1:35

The YouTube user SHOENICE has become infamous for eating pretty much anything. Here, he downs a whole tube of painter’s caulk:

3. Climbing extreme heights with no regards for personal safety
Best part: nice view at 0:36

Like the Russian climbing video that’s been trending lately, there’s tons of people climbing the tallest structure they can find and filming it. Here’s an even crazier video from the same user, Mustang Wanted:

Bonus video: Russian daredevils climbing the Shanghai Tower.

4. Basejumping from the new World Trade Center
Best part: the jump at 2:55

Because why not? Of course, after illegally sneaking in and jumping off the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, the men in this video (one of which was a construction worker at the site) were all arrested.

5. Risking self-immolation
Best part: explosion at 1:10

An oldie but goodie: apparently in an attempt to re-enact a scene from MacBeth (don’t ask how), these teenagers decides to create a gasoline-filled “firemelon.”

6. Challenging each other to ridiculous drinking stunts
Best part: goldfish at 0:06

Neknomination, a game where people challenge each other to do wacky stunts that involve drinking (often a lot) of alcohol and film them, became something of a viral craze earlier in 2014. Here, an Australian man eats a live goldfish, chugs a beer, and smashes the bottle over his head:

If you’ve got the patience for it, this Welsh guy goes even further, eating a dead baby chicken, chugs a beer and a cocktail of raw eggs, vodka, and a cigarette.

And yes, this game can indeed be pretty dangerous: five deaths (and probably numerous hospitalizations) were linked to neknomination when the trend was first reported in February.

Ole Skaar