6 Harmless Video Challenges People Do Just To Prove They Can

Some video challenges go viral because of the dangerous stunts people do. Others are, well, not quite that dangerous.

Here are 6 videos (that you’ve probably never seen) of people doing completely harmless challenges, just to prove that they can:

1. _______ing
Best part: dance at 0:05.

Remember planking, owling, coneing, batmaning, etc? There was a whole fad of coming up with a new ______ing stunt to put on YouTube. The best (worst) thing by far to come out of that, however, was probably the British trend of milking:

2. Russian McDonalds rap
Best part: the manager really doesn’t care at 0:45.

You might have seen the original video of a guy rapping his McDonald’s drive-through order. That latent viral hit spawned a number of imitations, however, including the Russian rapper KReeD:

3. Serenading random people
Best part: people joining in at 0:55

Obnoxious/funny to see how people just patiently wait for the guy to finish.

4. Chugging random things
Best part: bar at 1:50 (mild gross warning)

Another milk-related video challenge. Pretty sure this is named after the David Letterman segment “Will it float?”

This is apparently a thing – just don’t do it on a footbridge over a trafficked road.

5. Holding hands with strangers.
Best part: akwardness at 3:20.

How do people react to someone randomly grabbing their hand at the mall?

6. Omegle dance party
Best part: Drake Starbucks hands at 0:44

Assuming 75% of the video for this was cut out (if you’ve ever used Chatroulette/Omegle you know why).

Ole Skaar