About Curiousmatic

About Curiousmatic


We help people gain deeper understanding about the news
Mission and Ethics

Curious people seek deeper understanding about things that interest them. Our mission at Curiousmatic is to help people find trusted context and understanding about the news.

We believe people want news understanding that is transparent, objective and focused. Our work uses .org and .edu research that is linked directly in our content. We encourage users to check facts and explore things on their own. We strive to be apolitical, transnational and open-minded.

Curiousmatic has no sponsored content, no native advertisements, and never shares user  information with third parties.

On average our work delivers 80% more understanding compared to what people knew before.
Disclosure About Our Processes

Our work is engineered to deliver fast, deep news understanding experiences.  To accomplish this we use processes that identify news understanding gaps, build trusted content, and package the understanding into formats that optimize outcomes.

To ensure accuracy, we peer review and fact check our work, then we measure user understanding outcomes. If a piece of our work is not delivering sufficient understanding outcomes, we go back and rebuild it.

Since many news topics have a way of resurfacing over time, we’ve built an explanatory catalog that is evergreen in nature. As new facts and information emerge about news topics, we update the understanding in the catalog to keep everything fresh.


Advertising and Revenue Sources

Curiousmatic derives revenue from working with businesses to help them systematically map, manage, and deliver deeper understanding to their customers. This work, via Curiousmatic Corporate Services, is always kept separate from our news activities.


We care deeply about your privacy. We never share any information that we collect (email addresses, etc) with third parties. You can read our privacy policy here.

Our Team

We have a small core team of writers and product managers, plus an extended network of contributors. Their focus is on the needs of the curious, and helping them achieve deeper understanding about things.

Contact The Curiousmatic Team


William Rehm

Founder & Advocate for the Curious

William oversees Curiousmatic strategy and operations in quest to bring deeper understanding to the curious. He is an entrepreneur with a background in new technology and product development. Like the rest of the team, he obsesses about new technologies and ways to give users better news experiences.


Jennifer Markert

Staff Writer

Hailing from the wonderfully historic city of Philadelphia, Jen is a writer with a passion for engaging news and creative writing. Jen earned a writer’s certificate and Bachelor’s degree in English at Temple University, and has since moved to Brooklyn, NY, where she has written for several web publications and adopted two enormous cats.


James Pero

Consulting  Writer

James is a SUNY Purchase graduate. His interests include politics, health, and technology, and things that sound dangerous. His hometown is near that place where wings came from, and one day he’ll win the lottery for tickets to The Daily Show.


Ole Skaar

Consulting Writer

Ole is a writer and photographer whose favorite topics include space, tech, and world conflicts. Currently located in Norway, he studied journalism at SUNY Purchase, where he edited the school paper and interned for the New York Daily News as a run-around-and-ask-annoying-questions intern.


Cheyenne MacDonald

Contributing Writer

Cheyenne is a multimedia journalist with a passion for social justice
and the environment, along with the latest happenings in science. She graduated with a degree in journalism from SUNY Purchase and now lives in New Rochelle, NY, where she has amassed a lot of small animals and an impressive Stephen King collection.

Where We Work

You can often find us (and other curious people) at the New York Public Library. Please see our  contact page for more information.


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Mailing Address

We love snail mail. Feel free to reach out to us that way.

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