Curiousmatic’s Selfie Contest Will Give $500 To The Internet’s Cause Of Choice

All about our new Aha! Selfie contest, and why you should participate today.

Click here to vote, or to submit your Aha! Selfie for $500 toward a cause you care about. 

Curiousmatic gives curious people fast, trusted understanding experiences about the news. Then, we measures the outcomes. On average, users tell us we provide 80% more understanding about news topics compared to what they had before.

We like to call this understanding metric 80% more Aha!, and we’re delighted to engineer our content for the best outcomes possible based on what our users want and need to know.

But what does Aha! look like? We’re sponsoring a social media photo contest to find out. The winner (whomever has the most up-votes) gets $500 for any cause they choose — and we mean any cause.

It works like this: Participants (groups or individuals) submit a photo of their best Aha! face under the hashtag #ahaselfie, nominate a cause they wish to win, and invite their friends to vote over the course of the month.

The entry with the most votes come December 26 will win $500 for their cause.

This campaign is what we believe to be a unique opportunity to not only spread our goal of objective understanding, but for communities to unite around the spirit of giving to promote the things they care about.

Nominated causes could be anything from a no-kill animal shelter, to an independent film project, to funding someone’s personal hat collection. All we ask is that users are specific about their cause, and follow the limited submission guidelines.

As part of our ethos, we strive to remain objective and in tune to the needs of the people, and we hope this honesty shows through as we provide an equal playing field for any and all  causes to win — whether we agree with them or not. It’s completely up to you, your friends, and communities all over the Internet.

We’re  delighted to personally invite our users and anyone else with a passion to share your face and voice by submitting and/or voting for any cause you believe deserves a $500 donation. Creativity is welcome, respect and philanthropy is encouraged — but above all, have fun and choose wisely.

The link to the contest is:


Happy selfie-ing!

The Curiousmatic Team

Jennifer Markert