QUIZ: Dying Someday? Find Out What You Should Do With Your Ashes

Your Ashes. Today there are more creative options for your remains than ever before.

Those who are considering moulding their remains into some kind of form may be interested to know that an average woman’s ashes weigh about 5 pounds, while a man’s ashes weigh about 7 pounds (both weights are plus or minus about 1 pound).

A researcher’s report found that ¬†castings weighing much more than the aforementioned weights likely contains contaminants or additives.

If you haven’t already seen it, be sure to check out our article on the topic of creative uses for your remains, which lists 17 various options at your disposal. ¬†Or check out this piece about a space funeral startup that aims to shoot remains into space on board Space-X rockets.


Jennifer Markert