The Brand Labs at Curiousmatic

The Brand Labs

At the brand labs, we improve product and service understanding experiences between brands and customers.  Our work provides consumers with the trusted, contextual content they are constantly looking for to get things done, and gives brands a systematic way to build durable, trusted relationships that focus on meaningful customer experiences.
The labs are an extension of Curiousmatic’s trusted journalism activities, which deliver an average 80% more understanding to users in 90-120 seconds.
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Systematically Map, Measure, And Improve Customer Experiences
Using an approach borrowed from software engineering, Curiousmatic helps brands map, measure and manage the understanding experiences that their customers have.
Brands that can benefit from this approach include those with products or services that:
  • Have multiple customer touch points
  • Are confusing or complex
  • Have long or changing customer usage lifecycles
  • Are multi-modal, interconnected or can be re-purposed to perform different tasks
  • Have high levels of customer dissatisfaction
  • Have functionality or benefits that customers often don’t understand

curiousmatic cueframeThe solution is based on Curiousmatic’s CUEframe system for mapping and measuring customer understanding gaps.  It works across an extended usage lifecycle that can help identify new marketing opportunity areas and can help optimize product and service usage outcomes.

The brand labs at Curiousmatic are a place for brands and businesses to test new, more engineered approaches to providing consumers with the content they need, while building more meaningful, durable customer experiences.

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