Chariots, Hats, and Grilled Cheese: The Most Useless Riots In All Of History

Sometimes riots happen for powerful reasons — but at other times, something truly ridiculous sparks the madness. Here are some of the most frivolous riotous circumstances in all of history.

Violence and looting is rarely a solution to society’s ills, be they grave or absurd. But considering the idiocy of riots past, the anger over perceived injustice may make slightly more sense than that over sandwiches, sports, and hats.

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Roman soldier mooned Jewish Pilgrims.
Chariot-racing fanatics rioted.
Students riot over quality of wine.
Dispute over bill to a local wig-maker.
Cadets smuggled eggnog into a local tavern.
Americans hoisted a weather vane on a flag staff.
Riot over rivaling actors’ interpretations of Shakespeare.
Free beer,sausages, and pretzels promised in Moscow.
Wearing straw hats after the unofficial date acceptable.
Post-WWII shortage of nylon stockings.
A botched Pepsi lottery in the Philippines.
Insane Clown Posse at Woodstock ‘99.
Hello Kitty dolls with Extra Value Meals.
North Koreans riot in the stadium.
Officer diffuses trouble with ice cream truck music.
Prisoners riot over grilled cheese sandwich.

Jennifer Markert