A Curiousmatic Guide To Smart Shopping

Image courtesy of See-ming Lee via Flickr. Modified by Curiousmatic.

Shopping last minute? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Find out details on how to “showroom,” give gifts with your phone, buy presents with Bitcoin, and purchase ethically made clothes. 

Worry not, Curious friends. Here’s a roundup of Curiousmatic shopping tips, optimized for you to make the most of your last minute shopping.

Showrooming: Use your phone to get the best price

One way in which you can get great deals is by “showrooming,” or using your devices to either research and compare prices with retail competitors online, direct yourself to another store nearby, or even haggle with retailers. You don’t want to overpay , do you? We didn’t think so.

showroom shopping
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Useful showrooming apps include Amazon Price Check, Amazon Flow, Red Laser, and MS Code Scanner. Read all about them, the practice of showrooming, and the relevant statistics here.

Digital Gifting: Give wonderful gifts using only your phone

As the minutes, stores, and shipping times run out, fret not: your phone once more can save the day. While people sometimes won’t admit that a gift card is much more useful and customizable than a “thoughtful” guess, it will be hard for anyone not to be touched and impressed by gifts sent through these super-cool virtual gift-giving applications.

digital shopping
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Innovative and exciting digital gifting apps we recommend include Jifiti, Yiftee, Wrapp, Gyft, and Giftly. Each startup has unique options to delight recipients, and simplify the gift-giving process. You can read our evaluation of each here.

Bitcoins: Use digital currency to buy and give gifts

Bitcoin is an all-digital, alternative way to make payments that’s rapidly growing in popularity. Once you’ve set it up, it’s a really convenient way of making quick, anonymous purchases, both on and off line.

You can buy a surprising amount of different goods and services with your coins, once they’re set up. So why not get some gifts?

bitcoin shopping
Photo courtesy of BTC Trinkets via Flickr. Modified by Curiousmatic.

See our guide on using Bitcoins, and the list of extensive purchases you can make here.

Ethical Shopping: Shop and give with a conscience this year

Lastly, we know not everyone is on board with the blind consumerism that seems to often plague America. For those more ethically-minded folks there are choices that appease the conscience, environment, animals, and sweatshop workers.

ethical shopping
Photo courtesy of net_efekt via Flickr. Modified by Curiousmatic.

Curiousmatic synthesizes the facts behind stressed jeans, fur, and leather, and provides alternative retailers that manufacture and sell ethically made clothes so you can buy and give gifts with a conscience. Read the full guide here.

Now, stop stressing and go get those gifts.

Originally published on November 28, 2013. 

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