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Curiousmatic User Understanding Outcomes

votelog960BHere’s a sample of what curious people are understanding the most, as recently upvoted by Curiousmatic users and pulled from our logs:

Strategic Reserves <User IP 65.49XXXX> 100% understanding improvement

Counter Hacking <User IP 69.62XXXX> 80% understanding improvement

Bionic Olympics <User 192.62XXXX> 100% understanding improvement

Space Probes <User IP 172.77XXXX> 100% understanding improvement

Snail Mail <User 184.15XXXX> 100% understanding improvement

US Mutual Defense Treaties <User IP 86.110XXX> 80% understanding improvement

Improve Memory <User 66.87XXXX> 100% understanding improvement

Why It Matters

Curiousmatic puts your needs first by engineering trusted news experiences that measurably improve understanding – fast. On average we deliver 80% more understanding compared to what people knew before.

We measure our value by the amount of understanding you get.   You can learn more about Curiousmatic here.




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