Putin Judo Chop | Robot ≠ Jobs | China <3 US Soy

The week of 3/7/2014: Crimean cyberwar, robots will take your JERBS, scary predictions, and more.

The world had a collective Cold War flashback this week as Russia occupied Crimea. Whether it was to protect their Black Sea Fleet, to save Russian citizens, or simply a premeditated power play, Putin was able to stun the world with this rapid deployment. Watch out for incoming cyber warfare.

Perhaps unfortunately, the invasion wasn’t on our list of events that fiction predicted with uncanny accuracy (although it’s probably in a Tom Clancy novel somewhere).

Hopefully it won’t send any signals to our buddies in Iran, who may or may not be able to build nukes. Can’t we convince them to just drop the uranium and build out some solar?

Russia’s occupation also sent oil prices soaring – good for the petrodollar-rich U.S., bad for the rest of the world. If only we had a single global currency. That could also fix our weird, soybean-heavy trade imbalance with China.

As always, however, we’re looking towards the future here at Curiousmatic: a brave new world where robots will take over our mundane jobs, your Google Glass is your wallet, and cats will have no more plastic bags to play in.

Bonus: Emperor Obama takes executive orders to a new height! jk. he’s actually issued less than any president since Grover Cleveland.


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