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Content experiences drive customer outcomes. At our Brand Studios, we help clients engineer content into experiences that are targeted,  trusted,  contextual – and measurably deliver more understanding to users.

Our approach treats content like a product which can be managed, optimized, measured and systematized.  This, combined with our journalistic DNA and our focus on user needs, gives brands a resource to reimagine content and customer experiences in exciting new ways.

On average, our content delivers 80% more understanding to users (compared to what they knew before), in about 60 seconds. Its a tribute to our system of targeting, packaging, product management, graphics, and our unrelenting focus on measuring user outcomes.  Imagine doing the same for your brand.

Our journalism and technology background, combined with our unique engineering approach to content, benefits companies in distinct ways:

1. Content Development

We engineer content to deliver optimal product and service understanding to consumers. We focus on the understanding needs that customers have, and use our journalism expertise (and proven formats) to provide objective content that is trusted and meaningful.

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2. Company Content Models

We help companies systematically mature their content efforts so they can meet the needs of today’s customers. Using our system, companies can map, measure, and manage content experiences across a customer lifecycle. It helps find customer content gaps, identify new areas of opportunity, and applies valuable new metrics to content.

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Check out our CUEframe whitepaper that describes how traditional approaches to customer centric content are structurally flawed, and how companies can improve customer centricity by adopting an engineered approach to content.

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3. NewTech Labs

Our labs are a safe place for companies to test new technologies that promise to provide new access to customers. Areas that we focus on include wearable, live streaming (Periscope, etc), beacons, programmatic and mobile.

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Curiousmatic helps companies address the content needs of today’s customers. We’d be delighted to tell you more about our work and how it can benefit your company. Contact us below!

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