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17 Creative Things You Can Do With Your Body Or Ashes After Death

Death can be a frightening prospect, riddled with uncertainty for people of all faiths and beliefs.

While we may have little clue or control over what happens to consciousness after death, our bodies are another story. Though most opt for traditional burials, if not tasteful cremation or scientific donation, there are a plethora of other options ranging from practical, quirky, to the deeply strange.

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Here’s a list of what you can do with your body or ashes after death, from most practical to the most disturbing.

Unusual, but practical

Fun, but unorthodox

Interesting, but questionable

  • Be in teddy bear’s belly with The Eddy Bear Company.
  • Become a bunch of pencils to write beyond the grave with Nadine Jarvis.
  • Immortalize your ashes in a Dorian Grey-style portrait, action figure, or life-size head with Cremation Solutions. Jeff Staabs (proprietor of Cremation Solutions) says about the heads, “they creep people out. They’re too real-looking, really. They look just like the person.”
  • Trap yourself in a snow globe purgatory with BullWorks.
  • Finally become a musical sensation in a record by AndVinyly.

Deeply strange

    • Really embody the whole death thing inside bullets by Holy Smokes.
    • Be stained into someone’s skin forever (or until they die too) with a tattoo by Red Inc.
    • Freeze your body for preservation and future resurrection with the Cryonics Institute.

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Jennifer Markert