5 Forgotten Facts About America

As Americans in 2014, our lives are notably longer, more fulfilling and more culturally diverse than those of our grandparents. Here are five (relatively) happy stats about America.

Our Seniors Are Living Well

Our seniors are living better than many of the elderly in the rest of the world. Americans live shorter lives than Europeans but lead overall more healthy and fulfilling ones once they reach retirement age according to 2013 data from the United Nations Population Fund.

Our Poorest Citizens Are Better Off 

Our poorest citizens have more material goods than the poorest in many other countries. Europeans enjoy a more expansive social safety net that decreases overall poverty and improves general public health, but the  poorest Americans tend to live better than the poorest citizens of countries like France and Germany according to data from 2013 studies by the OECD and The Economist.

Our Scientific Research is World-Class

Our scientists help drive global scientific research. Americans pay far more for higher education and have a more socially stratified public school system but have a higher output of scientific research and medical innovations from universities than Europeans according to research from the Cato Institute.

Our Workers Are Becoming More Productive

Our workers overcome long hours and low pay to remain some of the most productive in the world. American workers put in more hours for less pay and have fewer workplace protections than their European counterparts yet are not only increasingly productive but actually gain more overall satisfaction from their hard work according to a 2011 World Values Survey and Gallup.

Our Economy Encourages Entrepreneurship

Our nation is a hotbed for startups and new business models. America is experiencing a new immigrant wave, this time of European entrepreneurs whom have found a more welcoming haven in America, according to a 2012 study by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor  and The Economist.

Despite America’s listing as number eleven on the Legatum Institute’s list of the world’s happiest countries,  the news about America isn’t all bad.

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