This fracking map reveals where companies are fracking across the United States.

Fracking Map: Locate Fracking Wells Near You

Does fracking take place near you? Find out with this interactive fracking map!

There’s no national public database on where companies are using hydraulic fracturing, the controversial method with which oil and gas is extracted from rock formations using a highly pressurized water-chemical mix (for more on how fracking works, see our guide here).

However, by combining data from state regulatory agencies, the non-profit FracTrackr has the following interactive fracking map, revealing the location of drilling wells.

There are currently more than 1.1 million active fracking wells in the United States (as of February 2014, the latest data available). Most of them are displayed on this map, although location data for wells in Maryland, North Carolina, and Texas is not available.

The orange color on the fracking map denotes the general area where wells are active, but if you zoom far enough in you’ll see the location of individual wells. Areas in purple denote areas that are identified as having major shale resources, while areas in red denote shale basins that are likely to have shale deposits.

Ole Skaar