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How Big Company Failures Are Damaging Your Customer Experience

Your customer experience is the new currency of the digital age. Problem is, 98% of companies aren’t ready to support your experiences with the content you need, when you need it. Here’s what’s going on. 

Of the many ways to damage a customer experience, one of the worst is not being able to get trusted information about a product or service at the exact moment you need it. You could call them “micro-moments”: contextual, event-driven instances when you quickly need content to help accomplish a task.

Google hired Forrester Research to see how many companies were able to identify, deliver upon and measure the micro-moments that we all have. It turns out that only 2% of companies surveyed are able to do it: the remaining 98% can’t.

customer experience content

Curiousmatic identified some of the major factors that contribute to a company’s failure to deliver the trusted content that people need, exactly when they need it. The problems include:

  • Companies create content in different departments that rarely work together to engineer a seamless customer content experience. That means your information comes from many uncoordinated hands with different motivations.
  • Content from big companies may not be trustworthy or timely. In your moment of need you might get irrelevant content, information that you can’t really trust, or content that is not specific to your context.
  • As shown in the Google/Forrester report, companies lack ways to identify, manage and measure unmet “micro-moment” customer needs

All of us deserve access to product and service content that we can trust and that is specifically designed for our micro-moments of need. Big companies need to transform content and engineer it to become seamless, meaningful and managed so that we can all have better experiences and outcomes with the products and services we use.

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