Lazy People, Rejoice: These Designs Are For You

Many inventions are designed to make life easier for people by eliminating unnecessary steps or extra physical energy. Heck, if it weren’t for the good old wheel, we’d still be walking everywhere!

At a certain point, though, even (and perhaps especially) the cleverest designs can enable laziness. While it’s worth noting that some designs that minimize or eliminate the need for physical effort are life saving for disabled folk, for the able-bodied, there’s really no excuse except because I can.

But hey, as long as we embrace inertia in small doses, taking it easy doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Here are five of our favorite designs for the lazy state of being we all succumb to now and then.

Lazy Design Product 1: A Motorized Ice Cream Cone For Your Tired Tongue


This rotating, plastic cone design eliminates the need to lick your ice cream. If the cone does the work, your tongue doesn’t have to, and you can use your brian power on other things (or better yet, on nothing at all.)


Lazy Design Product 2: A Robotic Beer Servant


In the time it takes to get from the coach to the fridge to the bottle opener and back again, you could miss a pivotal moment during you commercial-free Netflix binge. The Asahi Beerbot can go and stay where you are, and will pour you one of six cans refrigerated in its belly.

Lazy Design Product 3: No More Bows Thanks To Self-Lacing Shoes 


Shoe-tying can be disruptive and tedious, and as Back to the Future 2 demonstrated, there is a better way. Nike is releasing shoes with power laces, patented here, that are designed to tighten when it senses your feet, in the style of Marty McFLy.

Lazy Design Product 4: No Need To Sit Up In These Lazy Glasses


Sometimes sitting up is hard work, and if you’re in bed, why bother? The Bed Prism Spectacles’ mirrored lenses are designed to project text (or tablet) so you can read or watch whatever is on your lap while lying flat.

Lazy Design Product 5: The Pillow Tie For Formal Napping


Lastly, if you’re working in the office 9 to 5, maybe you’ve earned a bit of lazy. The pillow tie is a regular-looking tie that inflates into a pillow, so you can nap at your desk or at home and still look suave doing it.
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Jennifer Markert