Legal Weed, CES Gadgets, Drone Wars, And More: Week 1 Of 2014



14 Facts You Should Know About 2014

Private spaceflight, a 3D printing revolution, Syrian peace talks, and more: here are 14 important things that will happen in 2014.

Where is Marijuana Legal? A Look At U.S. And World Cannabis Laws

Where is marijuana legal, either medically, recreationally, or both – in the U.S. and worldwide?


Here’s How Many People Were Killed By Drones In 2013

A visual guide to drone strikes in 2013.

South Sudan: Why There’s Bloodshed In The World’s Youngest Nation

Violence flared up in South Sudan at the end of 2013, resulting in thousands of deaths and more than 200,000 people being displaced.


Future Consumer Electronic Trends, As Seen At CES

What trends does this year’s Consumer Electronic Show, the world’s largest showcase of technology innovations, feature that will be most disruptive?

What’s Not Allowed On Social Media? Duck Dynasty, Breastfeeding, and Blood

In the world of social media, it’s easy to get buried in streams of hashtags and conversations.


Lasers, Nukes, And Air-Powered Rockets: 5 Amazing New Ways Of Going To Space

Soon, using big, expensive rockets won’t be the only way of reaching space.

Corporate Espionage: From Tea Theft To Non-Profit Infiltration

Corporate espionage, also known as industrial espionage, is the acquisition of trade secrets from business competitors through any number of shady or unethical tactics.