September 2015

People Think The End Of The World Is In September 2015

Image courtesy of NASA via Wikimedia Commons

When we think of September, many think of summer’s dog days, school supplies, hoodies and autumn-themed lattes. What others are expecting in September 2015? The end of the world.

A cursory Google search for September 2015 shows that most people aren’t searching for backpacks or Halloween costumes while preparing for Fall — they’re searching for doomsday predictions and asteroid collisions. Why?

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As we’ve written about previously, humans’ conceptions and predictions of “doomsday” at different times in different packages, none with any accuracy as of yet. The September 2015 prediction doesn’t appear to be an exception.

Let’s take a look at the claims.

The Blood Moon Prophecy

End of time theorists, self-proclaimed religious prophets, and mystics are eying up September 22 to 28 as a moment of Earth-changing significance. There are two major theories — one, of an asteroid collision, and the other of Jesus’ second coming (or another historic event for Jews and Christians).

[contextly_sidebar id=”APhP1kUbTIjrzwlCYVPdi9TnZR5MyOqx”]Both have to do with the Blood Moon Prophecy. A blood moon is another term for a lunar eclipse, during which atmospheric conditions make moon appear red from some locations. There are typically two of these per year; in 2015, however, there have been three already with a fourth expected in — you guessed it — September 2015.

Four blood moons in one year, also known as a blood moon tetrad, is fairly uncommon — and according to some, indicative of biblical-proportion events. This year, each blood moon lines up with a Jewish feast or holiday, which is believed to be a bad sign for Israel in particular.

The Minds Behind The Predictions

Whose interpretations and predictions are driving panic over apocalyptic doom? Though folks of all sorts have picked up on the rumor, the ideas can be traced to several influencers:

    • Megachurch pastor John Hagee, proponent of this theory since 2008, believes the fourth blood moon will be closely followed by the second coming of Jesus  (Armageddon, essentially)
    • Mark Biltz, who has written a book on the subject, thinks the Blood Moon Prophecy is already coming true, and that the fourth moon will mean war for Israel or economic calamity
    • Reverend Efrain Rodriguez has apparently foreseen, near the time of the fourth blood moon, a 2.5 mile comet striking the Earth near Puerto Rico to devastating results
    • A YouTube video (see below) revealing “insider” government information warns of said comet striking Earth on September 15-28, causing mass “climate chaos.” It’s been viewed over a million times

What Experts Say

Scientists, researchers, and even religious scholars have all but debunked the September 2015 theory.

“Blood moon” alignment with Jewish holidays is not necessary a bad omen, as lunar eclipses occur frequently and the Jewish calendar is primarily based on a lunar cycle anyway, making it likely coincidental. 

Israel has been a hot spot for conflict for thousands of years, most recently over its conflict with Palestine. This tension will likely continue, regardless of prophecies. 

As for asteroids, NASA has been making a point in tracking them to prevent just this type of possibility. Due to the rising popularity of this theory, however, they issued a statement:

“NASA knows of no asteroid or comet currently on a collision course with Earth, so the probability of a major collision is quite small. In fact, as best as we can tell, no large object is likely to strike the Earth any time in the next several hundred years.”

Naysayers won’t buy this, though, because to them even reason can be explained away by a massive government cover-up. But worry not — if the end of September 2015 comes without taking the world with it, there are plenty of future dates to prepare your bunker for.

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Jennifer Markert