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Smart Water Designs That Solve Problems

By 2025 water scarcity will affect about 1.8 billion people.  Here are some smart water designs and ideas to combat our water woes:

Water-Saving Shower

This showerhead from the startup Nebia atomizes water and uses 70% less of it while delivering a “superior shower experience”, according to its maker.  Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and a slew of other investors are all excited about it. You can find it here on Kickstarter.  

Water-Saving Reservoir

LA just completed a project at the LA Reservoir to save 300 million gallons of water by deploying shade balls on its surface, saving our city over $250 million dollars while keeping our water clean & safe.

Posted by Mayor Eric Garcetti on Monday, August 10, 2015

California officials are deploying millions of plastic “shade balls” across the surface of the Los Angeles reservoir to reduce evaporation and to improve water quality too (the the balls should reduce algae blooms).

Eco-Friendly Water Bottle


Klean Kanteen makes amazing curvey stainless steel water bottles that people love (check out their user reviews). The company is also a B corporation, which means they measure and track their company’s positive impact on society and the environment.

Emergency Water Supply

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Ugly, so ugly. But this emergency water storage bladder holds 65 gallons of water in your bathtub, which will keep you and 3 others alive for a few weeks in an emergency. It’s the Aquapod, it gets very good ratings on Amazon, and it costs under $30.

Water Collecting Tiny Home

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The Ecocapsule is a high-tech off the grid micro home that has its own water collection and recycling system. Portable, lightweight, and capable of accommodating two people, it would make a good hermitage or research station from which you can deeply contemplate water.

PS: Water Wars

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What kind of water designs might we need if our water woes get worse fast? The Water Knife is an action-packed thriller with great reviews that  takes place in a dystopian future of water scarcity.