Social Current: Iced Tea, Miley, And Jurassic Misconceptions


What’s trending on the Internet today? We synthesize the current, so you don’t miss what everyone’s talking about.

What people are tweeting about…

  • #InThe90sIThought: Hashtags were pound keys. Created by @breezypuffs, this tag is filling Twitter with goofy nostalgia for the quirks of the decade.
  • #NationalIcedTeaDay: I got iced tea today without even knowing this. Apparently you can get deals on iced tea at Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. Who knew?

What people are sharing on Facebook…

    • Collision in the Lincoln Tunnel: At least 31 were injured when two buses collided at 9:30 Wednesday morning. [NY Times]
    • Joyce Carol Oates fooled by Jurassic Park: The award-winning author responded to a picture on Twitter of Steven Spielberg with a “dead” dinosaur, calling it barbaric. [The Guardian]

    • Smallest, most adorable deer species born at Queens Zoo: It’s called a “southern pudu,” and it’s really freaking cute.

The perfect cure for just about any ailment: a picture of our our newborn pudu! He was born in May, stop by and give him a proper welcome.

Posted by Queens Zoo on Monday, June 8, 2015

What people are Googling…

  • Miley Cyrus: The former Disney star is getting attention over Paper’s cover of her posing nude with a pig, and for announcing herself as “gender fluid,” prompting 200,000+ searches [Papermag]
  • NBA Finals and The Today Show also rank highly on Google Trends, because entertainment.

Front page of Reddit…

  • Virgin offers a full year of paid paternity leave to new fathers: Though this applies only to those with higher management positions in London and Geneva, many say it’s a step toward better benefits for all. [The Independent]
  • Mr. T was once ordered to cut down trees as a punishment; cut down 70 in 3.5 hours: Reddit’s TIL illuminates the backstory of the pro wrestler and actor. [Wikipedia]
  • What it looks like when your blinkers are out of sync with another car: demonstrated by tiny bunnies. [Imgur]

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Jennifer Markert