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The Best Secret Menu Items From Restaurant Chains

There’s a lot of reasons not to go to fast food restaurants, but there’s at least one factor, besides cost, in their favor: top secret menu items, just waiting to be unlocked for the pleasure of your taste buds.

What’s a secret menu, you ask? Sort of what it sounds like: According to “the ultimate and complete Secret Menu resource” #HackTheMenu, such menus are comprised of unofficial and unadvertised items that fast food restaurants will make for you, if you dare to ask.

These items are sometimes imagined by the restaurants (or employees) themselves, but more often than not it’s customers that invent them and spread the word amongst others until it’s popularized in an unofficial way.

There are literally hundreds of these, many of which can be viewed at For the sake of the convenience, we’re sharing our favorites. The rest is up to you.

Arby’s Meat Mountain

The essence of Jon Stewart’s love/hate for the meat-loving franchise exists within this one, enormous, non-apologetically meaty sandwich. It contains chicken tenders, roast, turkey, ham, swiss cheese — breathe — brisket, corned beef, angus steak, cheddar cheese, and — breathe — bacon.

It may not be quite Game of Thrones Mountain-epic, but I think it could defeat most of us in trial by combat.

Chipotle’s Quesarito

What’s better than a Chipotle burrito? A Chipotle burrito wrapped in a quesadilla. Also called the “holy grail” of Chipotle’s secret menu (and maybe indigestion), think of the Quesarito as a burrito being embraced by a cheesy friend. Unfortunately, it does cost $3.50 extra — and that’s without the cost of guac.

But the burrito-quesadilla hybrid doesn’t end there. You can also get a burritodilla: a quesadilla filled with half the contents of a regular burrito. Yum.

Jamba Juice’s Dirty Orgasm Secret Menu

Asking for this secret menu item seems like it could be a trap, or a tad awkward at the very least. But if thing go right, you’ll get a delicious smoothie made of peach juice, pineapple sherbet, orange sherbet, actual peaches, and strawberries. Not dirty, but potentially orgasmic.

KFC’s Triple Down

Whether you were enraged or tickled by the addition of KFC’s double down, a sandwich with chicken instead of buns, add another slab of chicken to that emotion and you have the triple down: a triple-decker chicken stack with cheese and bacon between each strip.

McDonald’s Land, Air, and Sea

McDonald’s has tons of customer-created off-menu items, and the company actively encourages people to mix and match for new creations. Perhaps the most popular item is the “McGangbang,” created by putting a McChicken smack dab in the middle of a McDouble burger, for just $2.

Even more radical, though, is the “Land, Air and Sea” — the holy (or more likely unholy) combination of a Big Mac, Filet-o-Fish, and McChicken into one ginormous sandwich monster.

Shake Shack’s Peanut Butter and Bacon Burger

Allegedly, comparatively classy burger joint Shake Shack has developed a peanut butter SAUCE that pairs magnificently with a bacon shackburger.

The combo, called a peanut butter shack burger, was featured on the menu for a week before retreating into secrecy; it can still be assembled if you ask nicely.

Starbucks’ Butterbeer Latte

Holy Frappuccino, Starbucks has a lot of delicious, sugar-stuffed secret frozen drinks to choose from! Banana cream pie, Fruity Pebbles, and cake batter fraps are all available to those in the know. But for Harry Potter fans, at least, the decadent butterbeer latte is a (metaphorically) clear and physically frothy winner.

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Photo courtesy of Jim Kelly via Flickr

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