Troubled Syria Talks, China’s Energy Paradox, Crazy Religion & More – Week 3 2014

This week’s at Curiousmatic:

Assad & the rebels are talking again, accompanied by half a world’s worth of diplomats and officials. Maybe they’ll mention Syria’s 2 million Kurdish people seeking independence? (right).

China’s smog soup is now affecting LA (like they need more pollution). No wonder: the country’s burning coal like there’s no tomorrow, despite being the world’s top wind and hydro producer. Maybe they should start swapping out food production with biofuels while they’re at it?

Also blowing in the wind, or into space, or anywhere else you want em: your cremated ashes. Maybe one day you’ll get as far as NASA’s many space probes.

In other unsurprising news, people are killing each other over religion in record numbers. I guess general fanaticism never goes out of fashion: cults seem to be as popular as ever, doomsday or otherwise.

Before you start prepping non-perishables for the apocalypse, however, you might wanna check up on how top banks fix the gold price.

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Ole Skaar